Nursing services

The nursing services unit of the University Medical Center Göttingen is managed in accordance with modern standards to provide comprehensive, patient-oriented services on a 24 h basis. The Heart Center has 13 wards including normal wards, intensive care units and a psychocardiological unit. Up to 220 patients can be cared for around the clock. The tasks of the nursing staff on normal wards and intensive care units as well as in the heart catheter labs and functional areas include the following:

Patient care

When you are admitted as an inpatient, we interview you to learn about your previous care, with the aim of providing you with individualized, high-quality care. Through special continuing education courses, our staff keeps informed as to the newest scientific findings. esides the treatment of the underlying cardiological disease, we particularly focus on the whole person, which is why we work closely with experts at the university clinic nursing services, for example wound specialists, stoma therapists, Parkinson’s nurses and the oncology team. o spare you a long stay at the clinic, we try to assess during the admissions process, when we ask about your previous care, whether you may require subsequent nursing care or rehabilitation, or whether you will be eligible for subsequent curative treatment. If further nursing care or medical measures are necessary after your discharge from the Heart Center, our patient transition team or social services staff will be there to help you in word and deed. f you have any questions or suggestions and in case you would like to voice criticism, please contact your nursing staff any time.


Gudrun Borchers
Gudrun Borchers
nursing management
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