European Heart Research Institute Göttingen (EHRI-Goe)

The European Heart Research Institute Göttingen (EHRI-Goe) is part of the Heart Research Center Göttingen (HRCG). It promotes a Europe-wide support for students and junior scientists in the fields of heart and vascular research. Its primary goal is to link experimental and clinical disciplines of the university with those of non-university research centers and industrial facilities in order to form an inter-disciplinary network to achieve an utmost effective utilization of the resources for research and teaching. EHRI-Goe is a unit of the University Medical Center Göttingen (UMG) funded by the UMG and the Max Planck Society.

The main specific aims of EHRI-Goe regarding research and teaching include:

EHRI-Goe established in 2010 currently includes two junior research groups:

  1. Junior Research Group Molecular Imaging of the Heart (Emmy-Noether Program, Profutura Excellence Funding) headed by Dr V. Nikolaev at the Department of Cardiology and Pneumology, UMG.
  2. Max Planck Junior Research Group Biomedical Physics headed by Prof S. Luther at the Max Planck Institute for Dynamics and Self-Organization.
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